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You need to report any freight and/or shipping damage to Cumberland Watersports (www.SuzukiOutboardTeam.com) within three (3) calendar days of receipt of goods. It is your responsibility as the purchaser/customer to note any damage before signing the delivery receipt. If damage has occurred to the outboard, you as the purchaser shall make note of such before signing for delivery. Customer shall not refuse delivery of the outboard based on damage. In the event of shipping or freight damage, customer shall keep and safeguard all factory packaging, including but not limited to, all external packaging, all internal Styrofoam, bubble wrap, and cardboard supports. In the event a product was damaged during shipment and proper and timely notification was given to Cumberland Watersports, Cumberland Watersports will file a damage claim with the carrier. Damage or loss of goods that are outside the control of Cumberland Watersports is not to be considered basis for waiver of the cancellation and refused shipments provision contained herein.

No, sorry. We are only able to ship inside the United States to 48 states per manufacturer guidelines. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

No, sorry. We do not accept trade-ins outside of our own local market. Due to shipping costs, it is nearly impossible to run a successful trade-in operation. Selling your outboard motor personally will generally yield higher returns for you and there is no wasted shipping cost to consider.

No, sorry. We sell only brand-new current model year Suzuki outboards. On rare occasion, we may have a non-current year model available during a model year change. If this was the case, a sale would be clearly posted on our website.

Cumberland Watersports, Inc. (www.SuzukiOutboardTeam.com)
202 Dragon Drive Dickson, TN 37055.


We have studied the actions of the other major outboard manufacturers and now believe that Model Year Elimination will offer a host of benefits to our Customers, Dealers and Boat Builders. Suzuki Marine can now introduce new outboard models to the market during the boating season, instead of waiting until the model year change. Consumers will be able to purchase these models sooner than in the past. Dealers and Boat Builders will carry a better supply of outboards because they will not have to reduce inventory in advance of a Model Year Change.

A kicker motor is a small motor that generally refers to a model that is used to supplement a larger outboard motor and is often intended for trolling or going slow.

They are also commonly used for sailboats as an auxiliary power source when wind conditions are not favorable or positioning the boat is important. These motors are typically 6 HP to 9.9 HP models with a 20 inch or 25 inch shaft.

See the diagram below. You will measure from the top of your transom to the bottom of your keel.

If this measurement is 15" to 17" long, you'll need to purchase a Suzuki outboard motor with a "short" shaft.

If this measurement is 20" to 22" long, you'll need a Suzuki "long" shaft outboard.

To measure the outboard shaft, start from the bottom of the engine mounting bracket and measure to the cavitation plate on the lower unit. Generally most boats need either a short or long shaft, although some boats require a 25" shaft (ultra-long shaft) outboard motor.

Depending on the specific Suzuki outboard motor model, some shaft lengths may be 2" longer than the "standard" (for example: a short shaft may be 17" instead of 15" and a long shaft may be 22" instead of 20"). Therefore, depending on the configuration of your keel, the shaft length required by your boat may be different than the recommendations listed here.


You can always contact us if you have any questions determining which is the correct shaft length necessary for your particular boat.

No. Four-stroke Suzuki outboard motors do not come pre-filled with oil. You will need to add oil to the crankcase prior to use.

Yes. The lower unit gear oil for your outboard motor is pre-filled by the factory. But, we recommend that you ensure it is at the proper level before first use. You can use any SAE 80 or 90 weight oil to replace or add lower unit oil to your outboard motor. For additional information, see your owner's manual.

Yes. You can lay your outboard motor on its side, but it is important that you lay it on the correct side. Your Suzuki outboard will include decals on the motor itself showing which direction you can lay your motor for transport or storage. Please see owner's manual for additional information on transporting and storage of your outboard.

Yes. All tiller operated Suzuki outboard motors 30 HP and below equipped with electric start also come standard with a manual thru-cowling pull cord. You do not have to remove the cowling or do anything special. All electric start models also feature a 12V charging system as standard pre-installed equipment, so engines can be manually crank-started to recharge a dead or weak battery – saving your boating trip.

Suzuki outboard motors go through an extensive factory inspection, including a tank test prior to being crated for shipment to a dealer. This ensures the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction upon delivery. You will need to add engine oil prior to use – when your new Suzuki outboard motor arrives, you simply add engine oil following the amount and type shown on page 1 of the owner’s manual.

The lower unit gear lube is pre-filled from the Suzuki factory with no assembly is required, and the propeller comes pre-installed for your convenience.

If you purchase an electric start model, your outboard will include battery leads pre-installed from the factory (battery not included). You simply connect the battery leads to your battery. Read the owner's manual carefully prior to operation. The owner's manual contains important information regarding the break-in period, safety, and proper use of your Suzuki outboard engine.

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