Suzuki 30 HP Motors

Suzuki 30 HP Motors

The Suzuki 30 HP outboard engine is one of the most technologically advanced portable outboards on the market today, thanks to state-of-the-art innovations. This is the world's first 30 HP outboard motor featuring Lean Burn and Battery-Free Electronic Fuel Injection technology. The Suzuki EFI system functions without the use of batteries, which, in this horsepower class, is an industry first. Not to mention, the Suzuki 30 HP outboard engine is a smooth-running "Next Generation" four-stroke that offers rapid starts, excellent acceleration, outstanding performance, and higher-ranking fuel economy.

Go Lean, Clean and Green. Go Suzuki!!

  • Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATL5

    Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATL5

    The Suzuki 30 HP outboard motor has a modern design that is also clean and environmentally friendly. It’s considered to be the most advanced outboard motor available in a portable option. Designed to be portable, the first in a 30 HP motor, it …

    Was: $6,870.00
    Now: $4,590.00
  • Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATLW5

    Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATLW5

    Now available in Cool White, the Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATLW5 outboard motor is modern, portable and the most advanced environmentally clean design on the market. Designed to be fuel efficient and portable, this 30 HP motor provides clean power with no...

    Was: $7,030.00
    Now: $4,690.00
  • Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATHL5

    Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATHL5

    If you are looking for a portable outboard motor that delivers a clean design while being environmentally friendly, the Suzuki 30 HP outboard motor DF30ATHL5 is the most advanced motor you can find today. Designed for clean power and fuel efficiency,…

    Was: $6,995.00
    Now: $4,680.00
  • Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATHLW5
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    Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATHLW5

    This Suzuki 30 HP DF30ATHLW5 model is now available in white! This advanced, portable outboard motor is one of the best modern motors on the market today for running clean and being environmentally friendly. Not only is this outboard motor one of the…

    Was: $7,170.00
    Now: $4,780.00
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