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Suzuki’s experience, skills, and technology paved the way for the creation of dependable, powerful 4-stroke outboard motors that not only meet, but surpass, clean air standards. Suzuki Outboard Motors, in fact, began their “Clean up the World Campaign” in 2011, promoting their vision of a fantastic day on the water in a clean, healthy environment.

Suzuki offers a variety of portable four-stroke outboard motors, including the 2.5 horsepower single-cylinder Suzuki outboard, the compact 4 horsepower Suzuki outboard, and the easily transportable 6 horsepower Suzuki boat motor. Suzuki outboard motors’ 9.9HP motor, with battery-less electronic fuel injection, follows the lineup. The 15 HP Suzuki outboard motor provides more power than you need while maintaining fantastic fuel efficiency.

The Suzuki 20 HP outboard provides a quick start and impressive performance. The 25 HP is the most technologically advanced portable currently available on the market. Last but certainly not least, there’s the Suzuki 30 HP outboard motor featuring Suzuki’s EFI system.

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